Saturday, 18 July 2015

Farewell from Mrs Casey

Dear 4TC and parents, 
As I write this, I am looking back on an emotional day. It has been a pleasure to teach you all this year. Keep on reading over the summer, so that you start year 5 with your best foot forward. Play a bit of Sumdog to practise your maths and have a wonderful time with your families.
To the parents: thank you so much for all your thoughtful and generous gifts. I was over-whelmed by your kind messages; there have been a few tears shed today!
Wishing you all a fun summer and well deserved rest.
Best wishes
Mrs C x

Thursday, 9 July 2015

The Scribbleboy Rap by 4JP

Today, 4JP practised and performed the Scribbleboy Rap from our class book.  We are reading Scribbleboy by Philip Ridley and are loving it!

Please watch and enjoy the video below then leave us a comment on this post.

Monday, 22 June 2015

Year 4 Tennis Team & The Wimbledon Champion!

Road to Eastbourne Aegon Tennis Tournament

During the summer term, the year 4 tennis team have competed and won two qualifying rounds, of the LTA’s ‘Road to Eastbourne tournament.’  This Saturday they travelled to Eastbourne to compete in the grand final, against 8 other winning schools from other regions. 
Our team shone in the skills tests and tennis matches and finished as bronze medal winners overall. Over 100 schools had competed in this tournament, so to finish in 3rd place was a great achievement.
Many congratulations to all of you  who competed in the initial rounds, as well as the final.
The children received medals, certificates and a goodie bag of LTA treats. They then went with their families to the Aegon International tennis tournament, to watch the professional players in action. However, the excitement did not end there!
The LTA arranged for the current Wimbledon Ladies Champion, Petra Kvitov√°, 
 to meet the children and pose for some pictures with the winning teams.
Check out the cheesy grins below of: Kian, Louis, Daniel, Charlie, Kiyra, Sienna, Caitlin and Matilda.

One lucky member of the Vale team was chosen to return to the Aegon Championships on Monday, to meet with Petra again to conduct an interview. You will be able to see more pictures and a write up of her day on the blog soon, plus her pictures will appear in the British Tennis Magazine next month.
Congratulations Sienna!

It has been a pleasure to play tennis with you all this term and see you apply your new skills in this fantastic tournament. Well done. Mrs C :) 

Friday, 19 June 2015

Inter-house Geography Challenge


For the last 2 weeks, the children in Year 4 have been working hard learning all the counties in England. Today was the day their knowledge was tested in an inter-house challenge!

Within their classes the children all took part in round 1 of the challenge, naming 20 labelled counties on a map. A massive congratulations to all the children for their effort and hard work learning these at home, especially those who got 20/20! 

Below are some of 4CP concentrating hard on their challenge!

Then it was onto round 2! The highest scorers from each class competed in 'Junior Mastermind' but this time they had to name the county town or city!

The finalists eagerly awaiting their second challenge. Do you think they look a bit nervous?

Junior Mastermind began! 

Eventually, it was time for the Grand Final! With 1 child from each house, we were ready to crown our Geography champion.

Nicholas, Caitlyn, Billy and Elliot, our grand finalists! 

The final results:
Emerald - First place
Amber - Second place
Sapphire - Third place
Ruby - Fourth place 

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Rounders Tournament

On Monday 15th June, 13 children from year 4 competed in a rounders tournament at TAB middle school. Throughout the afternoon the children played 4 games. After practising hard and winning each of their games, the overall winners of the tournament were Vale! Well done to: Charlie, Daniel, Jude, Ellis, Aime-Lou, Halle, Rachel, Erin, Sam, Max, Finlay, George and Jack. 

Awesome work!
Miss Parker 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

4TC Matilda Assembly

Congratulations to you all 4TC!
Such a wonderful final assembly of the year. You impressed me so much with all your hard work and effort. Well done to all. Naughty school children, back stage ninjas, tech team, dancers, choreographers, narrators, Trunchbulls, Matildas, Mr & Mrs Wormwood, Miss Honey, Amanda Thripp, Lavender, Michael, Bruce Bogtrotter, Jack & Jill, Cinderella & fairy godmother, Romeo and Juliet. 
 I'm very proud of you all! Mrs C :)

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Road to Eastbourne Tennis Tournament

On Tuesday 19th May, eight children from year 4 competed in the 2nd round of the Road to Eastbourne Tennis tournament at West Worthing Tennis Club. In the first round, they all competed in activities which were designed to develop their tennis skills. In the second round they split into 2 teams, then either played tennis matches or more skills games on the beautiful mini grass courts. There were 7 other local schools competing and there was some tough competition. However,  the eventual winners were...The Vale First & Middle School!
Congratulations to: Kian, Charlie, Daniel, Louis, Sienna, Matilda, Caitlin and Kyira. Thanks and congratulations also need to go to Olivia and Haydn who competed in the first round of this tournament and have made a great contribution to the success of the team.

The year 4 team will now compete in the grand final on Saturday 20th June. This will be held on the opening day of play, at the International Aegon tennis tournament in Eastbourne.

Wonderful tennis and great sportsmanship year 4!
Well done
Mrs C :)